It is no more Hair Reduction It is PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL


Our approach to unwanted hair growth problem needs a new dimension. The age-old proven technology of electrolysis permanent hair removal is not properly understood in India and other Asian countries.

SHERLY KOLLANNUR, Chief Consultant Electrologist, a veteran in the permanent hair removal electrolysis technology since 1993, having experience in India and abroad has brought her venture, LiLi Scientific Electrolysis through setting up several LiLi Permanent Hair Removal Clinics in Kerala in the South and Delhi and Ghaziabad under the National Capital Region (NCR) in the North and aims to impart the knowledge that hair removal is no more reduction of hair growth, but permanently arresting the re-growth of unwanted hair.

The perception of unwanted hair growth is completely intertwined with the wellness of the mind, level of confidence, body and spirits. The world is embracing this knowledge of the science of electrolysis hair removal, and it brings with it the technology that unwanted hair can be completely removed and re-growth can be permanently arrested scientifically.

Named best Electrologist in India, many times over,  Sherly Kollannur has collaborated with Canada based Clement Beaumont, President, Dectro International, who are the world leaders in innovating state-of-the-art electro-epilation technology, Dr Joshna Gordon, Director of NIOS Permanent Hair Removal Centre, New York and many more to create electrolysis treatment a platform to transform how effectively unwanted hair can be removed permanently.

Sherly Kollannur, by founding LASE Acadamea for imparting training in Scientific Electrolysis to impart an integrated skill development, where all aspects of electrolysis theory and practice are taught, has bridged the gap between the demand and supply of skilled Electrologist in India and Asian countries.

The Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis (DSE), offered by LASE Acadamea, the only one of its kind in South Asia, is in great demand from within India and abroad.

Sherly has brought the most sophisticated technology in electrolysis high-frequency radio waves in treating permanent hair removal by introducing Apilus range of electrolysis machines, manufactured by Dectro International, to India.

A new culture is also set by her by using disposable insulated probes instead of needles to the Asian countries.

Finally, let us not forget that Sherly Kollannur is also a global trainer and teacher of Scientific Electrolysis and has been on several television channels in India and abroad as an expert for shows about the practice of electrolysis.

Apart from all the above, she offers 360° consultancy for setting up state-of-the-art Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Clinics globally. She has been instrumental in setting up several Scientific Electrolysis Clinics in India, UAE, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

With five clinics presently running in India, two in the National Capital Region (NCR) and the remaining three clinics in Kerala. She has plans to start twenty more clinics in India, and a chain of Clinics in south-east Asia, and one in London also.

So, with the availability of Scientific Electrolysis in the Indian market, why not start treating unwanted hair growth from LiLi Permanent Hair Removal Clinic across India.

LiLi Scientific Electrolysis

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