Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal as a Professional Career

There was always confusion whether Electrolysis Permanent Hair removal through electrolysis comes under medical or beauty treatment. Electrolysis was never included under medical treatment since the insertion of the probes is only skin deep. Further, the expertise of a medical professional is not required for performing the task of electrolysis. Electrolysis could be performed by a trained electrology specialist.

Need for Professional Training in Scientific Electrolysis

Till the foundation of LASE Acadamea under the initiative of LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, no formal professional training was available in India for Electrolysis.

The company who brought this to India, trained electrologist only for working in their clinics. And they did not give any formal certification to anyone who had undergone training under them.

A few of those who got training in this manner established their electrolysis clinics. However, there was a dearth of information available in a selection of the right equipment for electrolysis, and lack of trained electrologists.

Some smart entrepreneurs even started electrolysis clinics without giving any training to their staff, by employing freshers who were shown videos on electrolysis. This has led to a lot of complaints from customers following side-effects of improper treatment.  This, to a certain extent, tarnished the image of the efficacy of electrolysis treatment mainly in Kerala where electrolysis is most popular. However, this has created a general awareness of electrolysis in Kerala.

Courses Offered by LASE Acadamea

There are an array of courses offered to freshers, keeping in view the potential for a lucrative career as a specialist in electrolysis. There are courses designed for skills up-gradation and high-end skills development courses.  

Express course in the electrolysis is also offered by LASE Acadamea to cater to the needs of professionals in the medical field and also for those who do not possess a formal certification.

Counselling the clients is an important skill in electrolysis since clients would have questions. To address them, courses are offered in the domain of Electrolysis Consultation and Electrolysis Clinic Management.

Electrolysis as a professional career

In India electrolysis is popular only in a few places like Hyderabad and Kerala. However, the failure of all other methods of hair removal for removing hair growth permanently has made clients look for solutions for hair removal permanently, where electrolysis is getting prominence.

The availability of formal training offered by LASE Acadamea has also made many entrepreneurs establish their electrolysis clinics across the country. Therefore, there is ample opportunity for setting up your clinic or getting employed as an electrology specialist.

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  1. Jessy J. Cherukara

    The Lase Acadamea is a great initiative of Lili. It gives opportunity for livelihood to many young people. Also the sevice of the trained people will be a consolation for many who are worried about permanent removal of unwanted hair.
    I wish this venture of Lili all the best

  2. Till now I thought only electrolysis training is enough to do the treatment but now I’m learning new things…whowever doing electrolysis we compulsory need a scientific study….I love to do this

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