Permanent Bikini Line Hair Removal

Everything that you need to know about permanent bikini line hair removal

Hair removal at bikini lines permanently is all about removing hair using the technique of electrolysis hair removal. Women get the hair removed from the bikini line for the purpose of aesthetic, hygiene or fashion or some other reasons. Without razor burns and to avoid repeated shaving and/or waxing you should go for electrolysis hair removal. 

The area between the inner thigh and upper leg is the bikini which is not covered by bikini suits, and it is highly embarrassing for anybody to notice this and stare at you.

Getting Electrolysis done is the only FDA approved and permanent solution for hair removal. If you are seriously considering going for electrolysis for removing the hair permanently you need to know about this and prepare yourself before you visit the electrolysis hair removal clinic.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Tips to follow before you get electrolysis on the bikini line area

  1. The first thing you should do is find out the right electrolysis clinic, who can remove pubic hair professionally. Undergo (preferably) an online consultation before you visit the Electrolysis clinic. Laser ( Also read: It is no more Hair Reduction It is PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL) will never remove hair permanently. It can only ensure growth reduction. (Also read: How ingrown hair develops after laser and how to get rid of ingrown hair from your bikini line, armpits and legs).
  2. Electrolysis is a course of treatment, which is to be repeated every fortnight for a period of 9 to 18 months. The initial few sessions will take longer, maybe up to 3 to 4 hours depending upon the thickness of your hair growth – don’t expect that the hair will stop immediately after the first few sittings. It will take three to four months for you to realise that the thickness of the hair is reducing.
  3. Before you go for electrolysis it is advisable to trim the hair, not very close to the skin. A few days growth is required for the electrolysis to do the process of electrolysis.
  4. You should be mentally prepared that it may cause slight irritation when the process of electrolysis is done. And after the session is over the skin may be reddish and there may be slight swelling. Nothing to worry, it is quite normal and it will go away within a few hours. However, for some, it may remain for a few days. Ask to advise from the electrologist for applying the right gel.
  5. Never use any cosmetics other than the gel suggested by the electrologist and it is safe to apply soap while bathing and cleaning the area.
  6. Ensure that the electrologist is professionally trained in a good institute and check their certification.
  7. Make sure that the electrologist and you both are wearing a face mask. Insist on the electrologist wearing gloves throughout the procedure.
  8. Electrolysis is done using a thin one time use of the disposable probe. Make sure that each time the electrologist uses new probes and the used one is disposed of.
  9. Try to avoid doing electrolysis on the bikini line during the time of periods. Since the process is to be repeated every fortnight, plan the timing according to your menstrual cycle.
  10. Follow the after-treatment precautions advised by your electrologist.