People with no background in the industry get an opportunity to become owners of promising business.

Electrolysis is an emerging sector in India growing annually at 35%. The major impediment is the availability of professionally skilled electrology specialists. Lack of knowledge about the potential of growth in this sector, only a limited number of youngsters are coming forward for getting skilled, other than those who want to take up electrolysis as their profession by setting up their own clinics.

However, the efforts of LiLi Scientific Electrolysis by initiating the setting up of Lase Acadamea in this sector has revolutionized the awareness of electrolysis, not only among customers but also among young job aspirants.

Lase Acadamea has devised a unique compensation method with commitment from both the employer and the employee without influencing the work-life freedom for the aspirants.  This has drastically changed the scenario and more and more job aspirants are coming forward to take up electrolysis permanent hair removal as their cherished career.


Support:  Our comprehensive approach starting from site evaluation, selection, designing the layout, selection of furniture, supply of Apilus epilators with accessories, the supply of trained and skilled electrology specialists, and continued hand-holding make a positive experience of managing the clinic in the most efficient manner.

Research and Training: LiLi is involved in continuous research with the support of leaders in Electrolysis worldwide. The knowledge gained out of this continued research is shared with the franchisees by organizing seminars by Lase Acadamea.

Centralised Client Appointment Booking Support (CABS): Franchisee will become part of Centralised Appointment Booking System (CABS) of LiLi, delivered online, where clients could book, modify and view their appointments. The could be viewed by the respective franchisee on a real-time basis.

Business Development Support:  LiLi Conducts regular marketing activities to generate inquiries.  The leads generated from such activities are passed on tho the franchisees according to their catchment area.