Lase Acadamea provides accreditation to those clinic who fulfills the norms and quality standards set by experts in the domain of Electrolysis.

LiLi’s  existence of over a decade in India, has made LiLi, a household name in the domain. LiLi has given utmost importance to training and research. Professional consultancy is offered for setting up new clinics and nurturing it.

LiLi has set up several clinics in the state of Kerala and Delhi NCR. Training  is imparted from Lase Acadamea situated at Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR and Kochi in Kerala.

The wide publicity in a variety of media viz., print, audio-visual, digital, social media, and Google has given a prominent brand image for LiLi across India, which is evidenced from the number of inquiries received for hair removal treatment, training requirement, and supply of devices and accessories.

LiLi is in an expansion mode by setting up company owned clinics, franchisee clinics, and accredited clinics across India, Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia.


Accredited clinic status is offered to the alumni of Lase Acadamea and to those who have procured hair removal devices from Lase Acadamea. The accreditation is awarded after evaluation of the Assessment Committee for quality standards and fulfilling other parameters.


Research and Training: LiLi is involved in continuous research with the support of leaders in the domain worldwide. The knowledge gained out of this continued research is shared with the accredited clinics by organizing seminars by Lase Acadamea.

Centralised Client Appointment Booking Support (CABS): Accredited clinics will become part of Centralised Appointment Booking System (CABS) of LiLi, delivered online, where clients could book, modify and view their appointments. The could be viewed by the respective Accredited clinics on a real-time basis.

Business Development Support:  LiLi Conducts regular marketing activities to generate inquiries.  The leads generated from such activities are passed on tho the Accredited clinics according to their catchment area. Further the names of such accredited clinics will be publicized through the ads released by LiLi in all media.

Certification Status Display Board:  LiLi accredited clinic board will be allowed to be displayed prominently inside the clinic. 


The accredited clinics will maintain their own stand alone status, however the accredited clinics could enjoy all benefits accrued from being LiLi accredited in areas of business development support, research and training and Centralized Client Appointment Booking Support (CABS).


If any of our alumni is interested to be accredited, kindly shoot an email.

Sample Accreditation Certificate