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Entry Level (New) Customers

Recharge Protect D

33 hours
The most economical recharge coupon
Rs 39,567.00

Rs. 39,567.00

Recharge Initial D

13 hours
Those who do not want to invest on the most economical recharge coupon and still want to avail the price advantage.
Rs 20,000.00

Rs. 20000.00

Recharge - 2D

2 hours
Minimum possible recharge available
Rs 5000.00

Rs. 5000.00

Recharge - 6D

6 hours
Just to get a feel of it and migrate to higher value coupons later
Rs 10,000.00

One time use disposable probes are used payable separately. Recharge coupon prices are exclusive of charges for probe. 

There is a minimum charge of 15 minutes for pay per visit clients and recharge coupon customers.

A coupon will be issued once the client purchase ac coupon. After each treatment the coupon will be updated deducting the consumed time of treatment, and the balance redeemed time will be shown.

Probe - one piece

Rs. 200.00

Probe - 10 pieces

Rs. 1800.00
(save Rs.20.00 per probe)

Per Visit Pay

One hour + probe
Rs. 3200.00.

Per Visit Pay

45 minutes + probe
Rs. 2540.00

Per Visit Pay

30 minutes + probe
Rs. 1760.00

Per Visit Pay

15 minutes + probe
Rs. 980.00