Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis (DSE)

100hrs | 300hrs | 600hrs

Professionally accepted and sought-after by the beauty and wellness industry all over the world.

Course Fees
Just 1/3rd of what is charged in the US

Both theory + Hands-on practicals 

Available on-line

Who We Are

Lase Acadamea offers fundamental courses and training in the domain of Electrolysis permanent hair removal oriented towards freshers, doctors specialized in dermatology, cosmetology and dentistry, and nurses and beauty and wellness professionals, who want to set up new clinics of their own.

These courses are in high demand from countries in Asia, Africa and Australia. Students from the US are also undergoing this course. The courses are structured in such a manner keeping in view on the requirement and time constraints of working professionals such as doctors and nurses. The courses are offered online both theory and hands-on practicals. However, the candidates should have access to an electro epilator for undergoing online hands-on practicals.

About the Course

Lase Acadamea is established for the purpose of giving training to those who want to take up Electrolysis permanent unwanted hair removal as their career, either by becoming a franchise of LiLi Aesthetic Clinic, or by setting up their own clinic, or by getting employed as a technician/specialist in clinics providing electrolysis hair removal service, anywhere in the world.

Lase Acadamea offers specialised professional courses in scientific electrolysis. The courses were instituted under the initiative of LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, spearheaded by Sherly Kollannur who is named the best electrologist, many times over. The courses are designed to equip professional electrologist to learn the rudimentaries and gain experience undergoing hands on practice of performing electrolysis in various skin structures. 

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