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Remove your unwanted hair permanently

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About LiLi

Since 2008, LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, spearheaded by Sherly Kollannur, offered treatment in permanent unwanted hair removal to the needy. Its thorough understanding of modern techniques and its command of leading-edge technologies have enabled LiLi Scientific Electrolysis to break new ground in the application of electrolysis treatments.

LiLi Scientific Electrolysis is now recognized as a leader in the domain of permanent unwanted hair removal and operates several clinics in the National Capital Region (NCR – Delhi), and various cities in the states of Kerala and Telangana, in India.
It was also instrumental in setting up of electrolysis clinics abroad in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.


Professionally performed electrolysis completely eliminates, unwanted hair, permanently; unlike other temporary hair removal options viz., plucking (tweezing), threading, waxing, shaving, application of hair removal creams, or laser. Moreover, electrolysis remove unwanted hair for the largest variety of skin and hair types.

It can be undergone by all genders;